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Heather Greenwald is a baby massage instructor and member of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). She teaches on-going courses in her Killay, Swansea home on a one-to-one or a two-to-one basis. The course has been developed for newborns up to just before crawling stage. Seven classes are given over seven weeks, and include a free manual with illustrations and pertinent material, and massage oil. Breastfeeding is allowed when necessary during the class. A life-sized doll is used for demonstration. Babies and toddlers will also LOVE Rhythm Kids, with music, movement, finger puppets and the 'Mozart Effect'!

Heather gives talks and demonstrations to local organizations in the Swansea area. She is also a qualified Reflexologist and the first to bring Indian Head Massage to Swansea. She offers a unique plan for mums to get together, enabling them to experience pamper sessions. Ask about her Party Plan. To contact Heather, you may ring her on 01792 521391.


 Baby Massage

Baby massage provides a delightful way to develop a closer kinship and deepening bond between mother and child. Learning the simple techniques of how to massage empowers parents with a unique tool to personally take an active part in their baby’s physical growth and well-being. Most common benefits include helping to boost circulation and the immune system, regulate digestion and elimination, and strengthening the respiratory and circulatory systems. The techniques learned provide the means to relieve colic, gas and constipation. A massage session calms a baby’s sensitive nervous system and leads to more restful sleep. Parents often report enormous relief when their baby cries less and sleeps more! This enjoyable activity increases confidence in handling infants, and gives a better understanding how to provide comfort and increasing the bonding process.

Touch is a baby’s first “language”. They respond very easily to this non-verbal language of positive touch and loving communication; and thus they learn, even at this very early age, a sense of what is healthy and unhealthy touch. Mothers become better able to tune into their baby’s personality by reading their “cues”. It teaches babies how to be aware of the tension they carry in their bodies and how to release it, which is an invaluable gift as they grow into adulthood.  Thus, baby massage can certainly affect a child’s emotional development and an ability to handle stress in later years. It has been observed that children who bond well with their parents in infancy have been able to develop close and secure relationships with others as adults. Massage contributes greatly to this process. It also plays a significant part in an infant’s normal mental and social development, and enhances their feelings of being loved, respected and secure.

 Rhythm Kids
“Rhythm Kids” is a weekly class for babies age 3 months up to and including crawling stage, and another for toddlers up to the age of 4 years. It includes music and movement, promoting coordination, musicality, incorporating fun-time exercises along with singing of traditional nursery rhymes, a sing-a-long and a special dance time for creative movement. There’s finger puppet play and scarves. For special added interest, there’s also opportunity to develop an appreciation of classical and other types of music which will make a difference even at this early age! We call this the “Mozart Effect”!
Heather gives talks and demonstrations to local organizations in the Swansea area.

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The feet are a mirror of all the organs of our body. Stimulation of specific points brings relaxation, balance and healing. By working over these reflexes and by applying controlled pressure, the body can then achieve its own natural state of good health.        Approx. 50 mins. £20.   OAP £15

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 Indian head massage

A traditional Indian technique of treating the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp to relieve stress, tension and mental fatigue. Heather was the first person to bring Indian Head Massage to Swansea! The treatment is undertaken through the clothing while the person is seated. Approx.  30 mins. £15.00.  OAP £10

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You may ring her on 01792-521391 or send an email

Prices correct at January 2008

TALKS and DEMONSTRATIONS given to local groups and parties

HOME VISITS are possible in the Swansea area, with a small surcharge


 Offering a unique plan for mums to get together, enabling you to experience pamper sessions.




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