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 Self and Spiritual development Workshops

Let your spirit move you!  Create yourself anew.  Listen to your heart’s desire.

Open your mind to fresh understandings. Let go of blockages and old beliefs and be ready to transform your life.  Meditations, visualisations, powerful exercises and techniques to create an even more wonderful you.

Each workshop is complete in itself, however, all the Touchwood workshops build into a powerful self-discovery and self-help course.  Some workshops are intended to build on earlier ones, and those will be clearly indicated.

NOTE I am currently too busy to organise workshops here, although I am happy to  facilitate courses elsewhere if you organise venue and participants, you probably only need at least 6 participants.

Do you and your friends want a workshop? I can offer all those below, and tailor them to your group's current level of development. I will travel to you.


Alternatively, if you don't have a venue, workshops are held here at Touchwood Therapies, in Gorseinon, Swansea, near to the wonderful Gower coast.  Swansea is easy to reach by road, rail and coach, and local bed & breakfast facilities abound.

What participants have said about Touchwood Workshops: "Thank you so much for a lovely day. Possibilities seem endless now."  " Very beneficial in every way"   "I learned that I can be in a group and not mind.  I used to hate it and feel imposed upon"  "Venue was very good - peaceful and I felt at home"  "Friendly, homely"  "Well done, Carrie, it all worked SO well! Thank you"  "There were a range of exercises" "I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect"  "I have taken so much from this workshop and am so grateful to be taught by someone as gifted as you Carrie"


 Other venues, and party-plan

If you live away from the Swansea area, you may prefer a local workshop.

NOTE I am currently too busy to organise workshops here, although I am happy to  facilitate courses elsewhere if you organise venue and participants, you probably only need at least 6 participants.


Taster sessions may be organised on a party-plan basis.  It may be that you’d like a 2-3 hour taster session of ‘The Work’, 'Intuitive Healing', 'Using Flower Essences', or a transformational workshop comprising visualisation and an empowering self-help exercise.  Bowen Technique is available as FULL treatments for small groups.  Even individual sessions of the intuitive healing with channelled wisdom or clairvoyance is possible.  Please contact me to discuss your preferred requirements.



Here are some suggested workshops. Prices set in 2019, and will change with time

Flower Essences:  Choosing Using exploring & making your own Essence  

Workshop Full day   Price includes a bottle of the essence that you will help to make   50

Do you ever feel fearful? Upset? Angry? Lonely? Uncertain? You’re not alone. Flower and other vibrational essences are a tried and trusted method of dealing with emotional states.  Essences gently and effectively work at the vibrational, (spiritual/energy) level, helping restore our perfect self.  WHO IS THE WORKSHOP FOR? Anyone with an interest in helping themselves or others, or the world. For people who are already using essences as well as those who never have. And particularly if you want to make essences yourself but have don’t know how to, or need confidence.

 CHOOSING We will actively use a number of different methods to choose the right essence/s for ourselves at this time, then also to choose for others. One method will be dowsing bring your pendulum if you use one (or there will be plenty to borrow). Over 300 essences will be available.  USING  I look forward to this workshop myself! Why? Well, the numbers of ways that essences may be used is only limited by imagination, so I’ll receive new ideas! Think now: how could I add essences in to whatever healing methods I currently use? We all heal, whether you are a therapist or it’s sticking a plaster on a cut; putting a cold flannel on a headachy, feverish brow, etc.  During the workshop we will use essences on ourselves, on others, and for distant healing. Pets respond to essences too. EXPLORING Using led visualisation and other methods to intuitively (psychically, clairvoyantly, etc) pick up information about an unknown essence and how it may help.

 MAKING This is a unique opportunity to participate in the making of an essence. We will make a group essence ....or would you like to make one of your own? All information, reassurance, demonstration and equipment will be supplied for you to create a special essence to take home. Vibrational essences don’t HAVE to have flowers in! Learn about other methods including environmental essences.


Who am I? Workshop   2 hrs   15


‘WHO AM I?’ – Getting in touch with your wonderful inner self!  2 hr workshop


How do you see yourself?  What do you think others think about you?  ….and what does your unconscious mind tell you about yourself?  Come along to this inspiring and fun workshop and surprise yourself with the answers!  Our unconscious mind is believed to direct up to 90% of our actions and feelings,  and gives us enormous clues about how we think about ourselves, and how things are going in our lives.  This practical workshop will help you to know yourself in wonderful new ways, and give you the tools to continue this outlook throughout your daily life.  By exploring how you think about yourself, both consciously and unconsciously, you’ll find yourself looking at some of the best bits- perhaps for the first time! Knowledge is power, as you can choose to nurture positive qualities and thoughts that make you feel good about yourself and your world, and makes your life easy and flowing.  I've seen how people doing these exercises start to see themselves in positive new ways.  I love to see people’s faces light up, and all the smiles and laughter as people suddenly recognise wonderful qualities within themselves that they never consciously thought they had!

  I will help you to safely explore your own mind and your deep beliefs.  In order to do this, we use guided visualisations, powerful exercises and exciting techniques that will help you uncover things about yourself that you never knew you knew.  Gently and empathically I will creatively help you to explore and to rediscover yourself, and allow you to pose the questions: Is this part of who I am?  Is this who I want to be?  Or do I wish to let go of old beliefs and transform myself?  Through this workshop you’ll be able to open your mind to fresh understandings of yourself, and of others.   Suitable for everyone, including the curious or intrigued!



 Heal Thyself Workshop    Whole day    38


Have you any physical, mental, social or emotional issues that need to be healed?  Do you listen to your body?  How do you treat your body, mind and spirit?  How can you heal yourself?  How can others help your healing process?  Profound visualisations and self-help exercises that work at a deep level.  Time for pampering and understanding your being.


We'll be healing through visualisations, calling on the healer within, chakra and aura work, healing each other, using crystals, runes and essences, getting rid of blockages, massage and moving through affirmations to health. 


"I enjoyed every aspect of the day: visualisation/meditation, creativity of pictures and rocks"  "Fantastic and emotional experience in a positive way"  "I enjoyed connecting with others"  "Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed it all"  "The affirmations were wonderful and so touching"  "Fantastic "  "I enjoyed making something holy even more beautiful!" 

Here's what people said they learned from the workshop: " The power of thought and what they do to the body"  "That I am in control of my own thoughts, the power of positive thinking and the power of healing"   "I can do more than I thought I could"  "How to turn negative to positive, not to dwell on negative.  I expect things to be perfect!"  "That what I am in touch with at the moment is totally OK and normal, not a 'mental illness"




  Kombucha: Elixir of Life Workshop   10-12.00pm     10


NOTE: this workshop is likely to continue to be unavailable (since moving home, the kitchen is too small to host an active workshop!)



Kombucha (kom-boo-cha)—I was introduced to kombucha by a friend who explained that she and her husband had been using it for 20 years and never had a cold or flu in that time.  It's a probiotic that you brew yourself from a sugary tea, and the micro-organisms convert the tea to health-promoting active constituents.  And it tastes WONDERFUL!  I dislike tea intensely, but love this fizzy brew. This is a thoroughly practical workshop, introducing you to kombucha; demonstrating all aspects of producing it yourself in your kitchen using common utensils; and the chance to taste several brews.




       Loving what is.  'The Work’ Workshop    Whole day       38 


Introducing and using the Byron Katie method of questioning your thoughts and transforming your life.


‘Loving what is' Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ is available in Swansea  Based on Katie’s two books (‘Loving what is’ and ‘I need your love – is that true?’), ‘The Work’ is a wonderful, transformative practice for accepting whatever life creates for you.  Are there thoughts you cannot let go of?  People you cannot forgive?  Beliefs that block you from moving forward? Times when reality hurts too much?  Now you can take responsibility for your thoughts and problems with this simple yet profound self-enquiry system. If you are ready to question your thoughts, ready to let them let go of you and so transform your life, then the opportunity is here.

'The Work' is a gentle process and a very practical daily tool for questioning your fears and judgements, and helps to increase your feeling of self-worth.  With four simple questions we start to appreciate the power of our thoughts to transform our health.....for worse ....or for better.  And then we can turn those thoughts around until they no longer have the power to harm us, or, as Katie says: 'the thoughts let go of you'.

This is an introductory workshop, a taster (or feeler!) to encourage you to be confident to then continue help you to help yourself via Katie's books and website.

I also offer one-to-one personally facilitated sessions (in person or by phone).

 "It's a way of going forward in a safe context" (I discovered) tools for preventing being hurt; realizing my thoughts; feeling stronger; being in my own place not in someone else's place; respect for others ,respect for myself."     "Listening to the tape (of Katie with a client) was amazing"  " I thoroughly  enjoyed the day.  I found out a lot about myself and I can use The Work exercises so I can be the real me"     " 'The Work' is self-realisation and I have learned that I think far too much than I need to!"  "I realised I have a choice of what I think and that I hacve a choice of how long I think each thought"   "There were several 'lightbulb moments' for me"    "I enjoyed listening to Byron Katie in action" "I was surprised at how often (my) same thoughts/feelings/experiences came up with others"   "(I'd recommend this workshop to others because) changing/challenging your thoughts opens up whole new experiences to you"





     – Intuitive Healing Workshop   2-3 hrs    15


NOTE: Although this workshop is complete in itself, it is also the first of three healing workshops.  The follow-up dates will be arranged with all participants. It may be possible to join in the second or third workshop without having done the first one.  Or we can do all in one complete day.


What is intuitive healing?  Can anyone access spiritual wisdom? How can I draw on higher healing powers to heal myself and others?  I'll answer your questions: firstly by describing how I myself work, and sharing with you some magical moments from my years as an intuitive healer.  Then I will ably assist you on your own healing development, helping you to become alive to your healing power and encouraging you to access your own inner wisdom and guidance.  You, too, can experience healing of yourself and others on a deep level. It'll be easy and fun! 

Awaken to the possibilities within you as you clear blockages and become alive to the power to create health within yourself and others.  Suitable for beginners and developers, as well as the curious and intrigued, as you explore intuitive healing skills, in a safe, supportive environment. 

In this initial workshop, firstly I will share some of the learnings discovered over my years of intuitive healing,  especially the messages behind some of the metaphoric blockages that I 'see' when I scan people's energy body. Then a powerful visualisation and empowerment will re-connect you to the immense healing potential within you. There will then be opportunity to give and receive to healing. Throughout the evening there will be opportunity to ask questions and discuss what you feel and sense.

Later sessions will include energy body (aura) work, flower essences, sound healing, and healing through time and distance.




      Develop your Intuition’ Workshop,  Whole day       38 

 Let your inner-tuition guide you. Open your mind to fresh understandings. Visualisations, powerful exercises and techniques to develop your own natural intuitive powers. Be amazed at how much you already know....that you didn't know you knew!  All of us  are securely tapped into our own incredible source of intuition and inspiration, come along and learn how to feel your way intuitively through life, supported by your inner knowingness.  Let your spirit move you! 

In this introductory workshop we will learn to listen to our own bodies as an instrument of what is intuitively right for us.  This is a fantastically healthy way to go through life!  How does your body say 'yes' to you?  And how does it say 'no'?  Through meditative visualisations, and using crystals, we will tap into our inner source of knowing.  We will also use 'automatic writing' to learn more about ourselves and our life's path; and begin using divinatory tools such as runestones and 'I Ching' to explore possible options in our life.

This workshop will help anyone at any level to move forward; understand and cast away blockages to intuition; and offer many ways to tap into your own wonderful inner resource.  I intend to hold a developmental follow-up workshop in the future.


Please bring suitable outside footwear and warm/waterproof coats as we may be going on a short walk into the adjacent woods do carry out one of the permitting!


     – Wonderful, wonderful you! Workshop   2-3hrs  15 


Have you any idea exactly how wonderful YOU are? Yes, that's right, YOU!  You are an absolutely magnificent physical presence with incredible powers and abilities. There is no-one else like you on this earth, nor has there ever been.  You are unique, and you are terrific.  Yet, are you constrained by everyday problems, thoughts and beliefs?  Perhaps you feel others are more deserving than you are, that you are not worthy, or perhaps you spend so much time helping others that you never have time to put yourself first.  This will be your time to safely remind yourself and others of exactly how magnificent and worthy you are.

If you think you'd like to come to this workshop, then please do; if you think you should come to this workshop, then its the right one for you; in fact if you think you should do anything, then then this is the perfect workshop for you! 

"It was like being in a shower of champagne....elixir...manna....honey...fantastic!";   "Don't worry, these are tears of joy, that's all!"


   Inviting Change  Workshop     Whole day    38   


NOTE: Go on, spoil yourself!  Give yourself a treat!


Are you ready to let go and move on? Do you need to move on but don’t feel ready?  What exactly is holding you back?  What do you want from life? Will you release blockages and try new things? Transformational exercises, techniques and visualisations.   Let the winds of change exhilarate you!


Please bring suitable outside footwear and warm/waterproof coats as we may be going on a short walk into the adjacent woods do carry out one of the permitting!


It is intended to hold a follow-through workshop on ‘Creating Change’ to further develop the ideas and methods initiated in ‘Inviting Change’






  – Exploring FLOWER ESSENCES  2-3 hrs     15 


  Hear about Edward Bach and his flower remedies: vibrational essences made from the essential energy, or spirit, of plants and flowers.  Essences help by working at the spiritual and emotional level, gently unblocking and releasing. Bach’s first essences were made in Wales, I now continue the tradition with the Touchwood range: 15 essences, made during the full moon, that I was led to create through channelled information in 2004.  Hear about the new ones .....made in some wonderful places, and with a variety of methods. 


How can essences can help you?  How do you choose an essence?  How are essences best used?  I will practically demonstrate many ways of choosing and using these valuable distillations, and you will be able to try the methods yourself.  


Enjoy participating in an essence exploration experience: I'll guide you in a visualisation to pick up things intuitively about an 'unknown' essence that you are holding.  You'll be amazed at what YOU can find out in this way! 50p Touchwood Essence voucher for each attendee.

Suitable for beginners and developers, as well as the curious and intrigued! 


As a follow-up I may lead a workshop (or support people individually) in making their own essences.



   –  Making your own Smudge Sticks  2 hour practical    15 incl 1 stick 


NOTE: This workshop will be held in the summer, probably in July, when herbs are at their peak for making smudge, please register your interest now, and you will be given a choice of workshop dates nearer the time.




  –  Group Bowen Therapy Session  2 hour     15 each for 6 people


Because Bowen Therapy involves doing a few moves, then waiting for your body to make any adjustment, I can work on more than one person at a time in-between the moves.  Therefore, I also offer  FULL Bowen treatments to small groups of people on a party-plan basis. For example, for 6  people it is 15 each (within about an hour's radius for driving for me). The host/hostess would need a home where the 6 people could all lie on the floor (on sleeping bags etc), with a bit of room between so I can work from each side.  It could be in different rooms, but, please, on the same floor level! 




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