Fragrant oils to enhance and delight. Many have discovered their healing properties, have you?


 Fragrant Essential Oils  


. Or did you want  flower essences?


 How do I use oils?

Perhaps the nicest way is to receive a massage using essential oils in a carrier oil base. You can also massage your own least the areas you can reach! Typically, for an adult, you dilute the essential oil as 2-5 drops per 10mls carrier oil. Some oils may be used in slightly higher quantities.  Note, using more than one oil in the carrier oil? The 2-4 drops refers to the TOTAL of all the oils added together.

 Lavender is one of the few oils that can be used neat on the skin. It is probably the number one oil to have, with many uses.  It is also available in this nifty roll-on, ideal for bites, burns & more.

In a vaporiser or 'oil burner' float a few drops of essential oil or a blend on some water on the top of the 'burner'.  Light a tea-light candle underneath...caution as with any naked flame, and site burner carefully and realise it gets very hot indeed. Do not let it dry out.

Add a few drops to your bath water. Agitate water before getting in....then be careful, it can be a bit slippery!

Put a few drops onto a paper tissue and leave in the room.....possibly near the radiator to increase vaporisation rate. Can be used as a far more pleasant fragrance than those plug-in artificial room fresheners or sprays (they can badly affect some people, eg with asthma or headaches). And you can use ones for specific effect, such as rosemary to help whilst studying, or a citrus smell to perk you up. I like to blend the fragrance with the event, so try cinnamon, pine and orange oils around Christmas time. I use the pine on a tissue tucked near the Christmas tree...whether it is a real tree or not!


Put a few drops onto a paper tissue and inhale the oils directly from there, for oils which lift mood or ease congestion etc. Congestion is also typically helped by a steaming bowl of water with essential oil drops added and placing a towel over your head whilst inhaling over the bowl. Beware hot water and scalding, and do shut your eyes.



                                  Use essential oil in a spritzer bottle to spray in rooms. 

              Add flower essences for extra 'oomph'!



Books and websites will help you expand your usage by creating your own creams, oils, lotions and compresses. You'll discover even more ways of using them than you ever thought possible....such as as an underam deodorant!


How/where to store essential oils? Essential oils are bought and stored in dark-coloured glass bottles with droppers.  The dark glass protects the essential oils from the light but you need to store them away from direct sunlight and away from any heat source, preferably in a cool and dark place. Your oils can evaporate so always keep the cap screwed on tight. Also, be cautioned that essential oils can harm some varnished wood surfaces and some plastics.


I sometimes have a few oils available for sale.


If you want further details, I suggest a Google web-search, or reading one of the many books available. In particular, Valerie Ann Worwood's books including 'The Fragrant Pharmacy' and 'The Fragrant Heavens', which are my essential oil 'bibles'.




I, Carrie Thomas, would like to apologize for any wrongful impression I or my website may have created.

I sold other oil from this site, although I provided links to Esoteric Oils CC at for further
information. If any buyers or visitors thought that I was selling Esoteric Oil's products I do wish to state clearly that I never sold their premium quality oil.

Esoteric Oils CC at are suppliers of world class essential oils and massage blends - and were never
sold by me.

To access the information of Esoteric Oils kindly visit their website at's a great site, you'll find lots of useful information there and more wonderful oils than you thought possible!









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